What You Should Know When Purchasing a Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet Online

When it comes to purchasing bedding, not only is the type of fabric you choose important, but also the way that it fits. If you are buying mulberry silk flat sheets online, these typically come in a standard size. However, the fitted sheet must be sized properly and purchased according to the type of mattress that you have.

Knowing The Pocket Size

In order to get a good and secure fit around your mattress, the pocket-size on your fitted sheet must be deep enough to accommodate your bed. Most beds will require that you purchase a fitted sheet with a 15-inch pocket which is around average. However, because pure silk doesn’t have much give to it, you should measure the height of your mattress’s corners, so you can get an accurate fitting.

Silk Has Health Benefits

Not only do silk sheets make your bed look very nice, but this type of fabric is also very good for you. The softness of the fabric helps to minimize dry skin while allowing your skin to retain moisture. On top of them being very comfortable to sleep on, silk sheets also help to keep your temperature regulated all year long.

When shopping for silk sheets, make sure you opt for pure mulberry silk flat sheets if you want the most benefits. Otherwise, you might end up with a blended fabric which, although it might look nice at first, can end up causing your skin to become dry, hair to break off, et cetera.

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