What You Should Know Before Going To A Periodontitis In LaGrange, GA

If you suffer from gum disease, chances are you have been neglecting your oral health for a while. It is true that gum disease and most oral problems are a product of neglect, and dentists confirm this. While some people avoid going to the dentist because it can be expensive, others are just afraid.

Nevertheless, oral health is very important because poor oral health can lead to other diseases, with heart-related issues being at the top of the list. If you think it is finally time to visit a dentist, then it’s time to take a step forward. You should know a thing or two before going to a periodontitis in LaGrange, GA.

How Bad Is My Situation?

Your oral health will determine how bad your situation is. Generally, there are two stages of gum disease. The first is gingivitis, which is less severe and the other is periodontitis. Which is, obviously, the worst form of gum disease.
Still, this shouldn’t make you afraid to the extent that you back out from visiting a periodontitis in LaGrange, GA.


Your periodontitis treatment and its overall cost will likely depend on how bad your situation is. Luckily, there are both nonsurgical and surgical treatments for treating periodontitis. The severity of your case will be judged by the dentist.

But don’t worry, even if your situation asks for a surgical treatment, the dentist will use numbing agents to make your experience pain-free. You will experience slight pain from the numbing agent but that’s about it.

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