What You Should Know About Rug Cleaning in Virginia Beach VA

Rugs and placemats are a great addition to indoor spaces. They help create beauty, add to the décor and serve purposes such as drying up water when you get out of the bathroom and trapping dirt from the outside. To have brighter rooms and fresher air in the home, you need to have a regular cleaning schedule for your rugs. Below are some of the things you need to know about rug cleaning Virginia Beach.


Know the material of your rugs


If you want to do proper cleaning and maintenance to your rugs, you need to find out the materials used in making them. Rugs that are made of natural fibers such as silk and wool should be cleaned using different materials than those used on synthetic fibers. The dangers of using the wrong cleaning materials and detergents include causing discoloration to the rug, staining the rug or destroying the fibers completely.


Common cleaning solutions


There are several categories of cleaning solutions that are recommended for different types of carpet materials.


*     Steam cleaning is a common cleaning solution for different types of carpets. Steam rug cleaners are used together with detergent to remove dirt and stains from the carpets. If you are going to clean a woolen carpet using this cleaning solution, you should keep the temperatures lower than 150 degree Fahrenheit as this reduces the chances of shrinking the carpet material.


*     The ideal cleaning solution for silk and woolen carpets is dry foam cleaning. The cleansers use very little water and do not require rinsing. This way, there will be no excessive retention of moisture in the fibers of the carpet.


Spot treatments


One way in which you can reduce the probability of staining your carpet is doing spot treatments immediately stains occur on your carpet. As soon as a liquid spill occurs on a carpet, you should blot it out with an absorbent fabric. A stain remover should then be applied on the spot where the stain has formed and blotted out with an absorbent cloth.


These are just a few things you need to know about rug cleaning in Virginia Beach VA. To learn more about these process, and to hire professionals to do the work for you.

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