What You Should Know About Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Las Cruces

Do you struggle with your weight? Have you tried dieting and exercise, only to have the pounds come back, sometimes even more than before? If so, learning more about gastric sleeve surgery in Las Cruces may be the answer. This form of weight loss surgery is a great option for those dealing with health issues related to their weight. In this article, we will tell you a few things you should know before taking this surgery into consideration in hopes of helping you better understand what to expect.


Just like with every type of surgery offered in the medical field, not everyone is a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery in Las Cruces. Many factors go into deciding whether this type of surgery is right for you. One thing in particular is your body’s BMI, or body mass index. BMI is used to measure the obesity level of an individual. Those with a high BMI are often the first ones taken into consideration for this type of surgery. When the process is complete, patients often find themselves losing the weight needed to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Medical Issues

Medical problems and being overweight go hand in hand. Many people who suffer from obesity find themselves dealing with severe health issues, such as high cholesterol, diabetes and even chronic joint pains. Losing the weight is the best way to alleviate these issues. When a person’s health is at risk, gastric sleeve surgery in Las Cruces is often a great option. Patients have reported a decrease in health issues after receiving the surgery and in many cases, have been able to say goodbye to routine medications afterward.

For more information on gastric sleeve surgery in Las Cruces, visit Memorial Weight Loss Center of New Mexico on their website.

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