What You should Consider Before you Fix a Garage Door on your own

Nobody wants to come home after an exhausting day at the office to a garage door which will not budge. Thankfully, there are a few easy steps to take to fix the garage door opener.

Check your Safety Sensors

If your garage door begins to go down, heads partially or most of the way to the floor then decides to rise back up, you potentially have an issue with the garage door sensors. The garage door sensors operate by having the sender shoot a beam over toward the additional sensor which will act as a receiver. As that beam becomes interrupted, your garage door stops and then reverses. Put plainly, something is keeping your receiver from obtaining the message that all is clear. If you are in need of a Garage Door Installation in Oklahoma City, OK contact Windsor Doors, Siding and Windows Co. at 405-672-3351.

Check your Track

As the garage door is activated, the garage door slides down and up a track. Occasionally, the track may become bent out of shape or require more lubricant to smoothly run. Assess the state of your track by pulling your disconnect cord to move your garage door away from your garage opener. Next, slide your door down and up the track and attempt to feel if it’s getting to some point.

Look at your Garage Door Opener

Your garage opener is an additional element which may be causing issues. Ensure that the system is correctly plugged in and that your wiring is unconnected. Next, check that the door hasn’t become disconnected similar to the way you did as you checked your track. Lastly, assess the chain drive or belt which is charged with lifting the door’s weight. If the belt or chain is broken, you’ll have get it replaced.

Be Careful of Springs

Torsion springs are the present technology suggested for garages. Be careful with extension springs as it’s possible to get severely injured, and contact an expert garage door service to repair a torsion spring to properly balance the door. Leave all of the spring repairs to the professionals.

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