What United States Residents Must Know About Residency in Other Countries

An Apostille is designed to authenticate the signature or seals of officials on public documents, like birth certificates or other documents issued by a public authority. This allows them to be recognized in a foreign country.

One circumstance where a person would need an Apostille from Secretary of State is if they were applying for residency in a foreign country. Before a person makes a move to a foreign country, it is wise for them to speak with an immigration office and find out what is needed to apply for residency. They will usually ask for a variety of documents, including copies of a person’s passport, their birth certificate, their marriage license, and a police report from both the state where the individual resides and the country where they would like to apply for residency.

Many have found themselves in a situation where they moved to a foreign country and began applying for residency only to find out that they need to return to their home country in order to collect more paperwork. For example, they may need to return home in order to request an Apostille from Secretary of State on certain documents. They may have the document with them in the foreign country, but the document has to be processed in the correct manner.

Individuals need to respect the amount of time they are given as a tourist in a foreign country. If they overstay that time, this may reduce their chances of becoming a resident.

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