What To Look For When Shopping For Fax Machines In Bay County FL

by | Jun 20, 2013 | Business

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You did it. You are starting your own small business. Now that you’ve hired a few employees, you need a place for them to go to work, don’t you? If you are preparing to set up your first office, you probably need some office equipment, like phones, computers, copy machines, and – if you plan to send and receive documents needing signatures – a fax machine, too. If you’ve never had to purchase a fax machine before, here are some things to look for when shopping for fax machines in Bay County FL.

Chances are you don’t want your employees to be standing around waiting for a fax to transmit instead of being productive on some other project, so be sure you check out the transmit speed on any fax machines you are looking to buy. A typical fax machine can send and receive one page in about 6 to 15 seconds. If you need your transmission speed to be faster than that, there are higher-end machines that will do that for you and you can use your extra time to work on building your business instead.

When you are setting up an office for the first time, having machines that can perform multiple functions is a good way to use your money wisely. There are fax machines in Bay County FL that can work as a fax machine, but can also copy, scan, and print documents. Instead of having to buy a bunch of units that can take up valuable space in a small office setting, a multi-functioning fax machine would be a better investment for your company.

As your business grows and you find yourself handling more and more paperwork, being prepared with a fax machine that has plenty of onboard memory will prevent missed faxes. When shopping, check to see what memory options are available so that if your fax machine runs out of paper after hours, the fax can be stored in the memory and printed the next day. Basic machines can store about 25 pages, while top-of-the-line machines can store up to 500. If you have an idea of how much memory you need, be sure to check when shopping for fax machines in Bay County FL, otherwise it may be a good idea to get more memory than you think you will need just in case you end up needing it down the road.

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