What to Look for When Considering Replacement Windows in Orland Park

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Doors & Windows

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There are many reasons why homeowners choose to replace their homes’ windows. If the windows are difficult to open or close, no longer filter out noise, produce drafts around the edges, accumulates frost, or just no longer enhance the appearance of your home – you should consider having them replaced. Whether your in the market for Replacement Windows in Orland Park, or just “window shopping,” first consider the following points:

Replace or Rebuild?

There is a difference between replacement windows and rebuilt windows. If the original window framing is intact and fee of rot or termites, then the usual and least expensive option is replacement. If the framing is rotted or dilapidated, then a new-construction window must be installed. Typical costs for new-construction windows can be as much 50-100% more than replacement windows.

Material for Replacement Windows

There are four main types of replacement windows available.

1) While Aluminum are inexpensive, they cannot be made as energy efficient as other products on the market. Aluminum doesn’t insulate well against hot or cold temperatures or provide a good sound barrier.

2) Wood windows are perhaps the most attractive option for windows. However, wood has its limitations, and after about 10 years of exposure to the elements there is a marked decrease performance.

3) Fiberglass windows are largely made up of spun glass fibers, and therefore they react to temperature changes much like window panes, making the entire window system and weatherstripping more airtight. Fiberglass’s strength and stability make it ideally suited for large openings.

4) Vinyl windows excel at inhibiting energy loss, are economical, resilient and don’t require sealing or painting. One disadvantage is that vinyl windows are sometimes made with bulkier frames in order to increase their strength.

Selecting a Window Contractor for your Replacement Windows in Orland Park

Look for a company that specializes in replacement windows and that is committed to providing the best quality replacement windows like Evergreenwindow.com. Replacement windows are a significant investment in the functionality, energy efficiency and appearance of your home. You can purchase the best window that money can buy, but if it isn’t installed correctly, you’re throwing your money away.