What to Know Before Purchasing a Commercial Oven Made of Brick

Anyone that loves pizza will easily admit that brick oven pizza is the best choice for a tasty meal. Because they were perfectly made using heat-resistant bricks and a well-made oven, they are hard to beat. Although these ovens are typically fueled by burning wood, current models may use coal or gas. Although brick ovens take an hour to heat up, they work pretty fast once they get going. You can usually cook up a large number of pizzas in under five minutes. If you plan on using a brick oven for your establishment, here is what you should consider beforehand.

Available Space

If your restaurant does not have a commercial brick oven already added, you will need to speak with a professional about getting one set up. To get exactly what you need, you should get an idea of the amount of space you can allot for it. Brick ovens are large and often placed where customers can view the process.


With any equipment that you get for your restaurant, you want to make sure the cost is within your budget. You only want to get a Commercial Brick Oven that you can easily afford. By allowing yourself a bit of room with the cost, you will not struggle to pay for other items like fuel and ingredients. The cost of brick ovens tremendously depends on who builds them, so you will need to seek quotes and perform research before committing.

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