What to Expect When Calling a Towing Company

Nothing is quite as frustrating as an auto breakdown on the way home from work. Fortunately, it is possible to call for roadside assistance and have the car towed to a garage. Here is what to expect after making that call to the Towing Company.

Prompt Response

Rest assured that the team at the Towing Company in San Antonio TX would make every effort to arrive on the scene without delays. Depending on what is happening in the area, there may be other clients who have already called for help. Once those service calls are completed, someone will be dispatched immediately. In the interim, it pays to make sure the car is locked and settle in a nearby spot that offers comfortable seating and a clear view of the vehicle.

Dealing with Towing Costs

Keep in mind that the cost of towing is often covered by a provision in the auto insurance policy. In addition, if the motorist is a member of an auto club, the towing may be a benefit that is provided at no additional cost. By asking in advance if the company accepts the insurance plan or mentioning the name of the auto club, it will be easier to determine what sort of out of pocket expense the car owner will incur.

Selecting a Destination

Keep in mind that the tow truck driver will be happy to take the vehicle to any destination that the client desires. If there is a specific repair shop that the car owner prefers to use, all it takes is providing the name and address of that shop. Even if the owner wants the car to be towed home so it can be worked on over the weekend, that can be arranged.

Whether the need for towing is due to a problem with the engine or the result of a minor accident, calling the right tow company is a smart move. Keep the contact information for the Pantusa Towing & Recovery, LLC in the glove compartment or save the number in the smartphone contact list. Doing so will ensure there is no doubt of who to call when the need for towing arises.

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