What to Expect from Sinus Lift Surgery in Pinedale, WY

It’s not uncommon for dental patients to be told they’ll require a sinus lift surgery before receiving dental implants. It may sound intimidating, but with Sinus Lift Surgery in Pinedale, WY patients who are suffering from bone loss may be able to undergo dental implant surgery successfully. The best way to get over any fears regarding this procedure is to learn more about it, so read on to find out what it entails.

What is a Sinus Lift?

This procedure involves grafting bone to the upper jaw and lifting the maxillary sinus membrane upward to accommodate the extra bone. It is typically performed when patients have been missing teeth in their upper jaws for some time and have begun to experience bone loss. Since the dental implant procedure involves osseointegration, patients will need to have additional bone grafted to these areas before they can successfully undergo implant surgery.

What Does it Entail?

Patients who have been told they’ll require sinus lift surgery have likely already been through an initial consultation in which their dental surgeons will take diagnostic images and assess their current jaw conditions. Once they have determined that a patient will require Sinus Lift Surgery in Pinedale, WY dental surgeons will then decide on a source for the bone graft. Bone can be taken from the patient’s own body, another person, or even a cow or it can be fabricated from a synthetic material.

On the day of the surgery, patients can expect their dental surgeons to make a small incision that allows access to the sinus cavity. The cavity membrane can then be lifted so that the space below it can be filled with the bone graft material. The gum tissue will then be stitched together, and the patient will be sent home to heal.

Get Started Today

The entire sinus lift procedure requires several visits to a dental surgeon before an implant can even be placed, so patients who want to take advantage of dental implants but don’t have the natural bone structure to support them should get started on the process as soon as possible. Rock Springs Periodontics can help. Visit online to learn more about sinus lift surgery, dental implant surgery, and other periodontal treatments today.

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