What To Expect From Chiropractors In Auburn, WA

Making an appointment to see one of the top chiropractors in the Auburn, WA area is a great way to align your spine and to bring relief to back, neck and joint pain in the body. It is also used as a routine or regular treatment to proactivity help with chronic types of neck, back and body pains. When combined with therapeutic massage the results of treatment can eliminate the need to use other types of pain medications or less effective treatment methods.

When to See Chiropractors

People often are uncertain when they should see a chiropractor. Ideally, visiting the professional before the pain become a challenge or at the first sign of loss of mobility or an increase in pain levels, is the best option. In some cases, your doctor may recommend seeing a chiropractor as part of your treatment.

Keep in mind, chiropractors are doctors, and they have extensive medical training as well as specialized chiropractic education. They are also licensed in Washington, and there is a strict process for this licensing to occur. While your doctor may recommend you see a chiropractor, the chiropractor may also refer you to a medical doctor if he or she determines that chiropractic treatments are not the right choice given your symptoms and medical history.

The First Appointment

Even if you have been to a chiropractor in the Auburn WA, area, the first visit at a new clinic is still usually an evaluation and consultation visit. This is typically about a half an hour, and it allows the chiropractor to review your medical history, the symptoms you are experiencing, and to discuss any past treatments.

Once the initial assessment is completed, the first chiropractic treatment is typically scheduled in a day or two. The chiropractor may also recommend massage therapy with the treatment, which is ideal for addressing all musculoskeletal issues and speeding the rate of healing.

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