What to Expect from a Clay Tile Re-Roofing Service

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Roofing

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The clay tiles used for the roof have provided years of service, but the time is fast approaching for a total replacement. Fortunately, working with a Clay Tile Re-Roofing Service will ensure the homeowner has a new roof that is just as good as the old one was in years past. Here are some of the strategies the service will use to ensure the customer is satisfied with the results.

Discussing Color and Other Options

Since the homeowner has already decided to stick with clay tiles, the questions asked up front will focus on what attributes those tiles must possess. Would the owner like to stick with the same color, or would something different be a better choice? The Clay Tile Re-Roofing Service can provide computer-generated samples to show what the home would look like if a different color is chosen.

The design of the tiles is also something to think about. While it would be easy to go with the same tile design, why not explore other sizes and shapes for those tiles? There is a good chance that the homeowner will find something that is a little different will enhance the curb appeal of the home and still provide all the practical benefits needed.

Providing a Quote

Before any work gets underway, the roofer selected will provide the homeowner will a detailed quote. The detail in the quote will include the cost for all building materials plus the labor involved with removing the older materials and putting the new tiles in place. Keep in mind the quote is based on the selections for the tile color and design chosen by the homeowner. Once the quote is accepted and payment arrangements are in place, a start date for the roofing project can be set.

For all types of roofing services, talk with the team at A-1 Classic Roofing today. After taking a look at the current roof, it will be much easier for the professional to provide the homeowner with alternatives. In no time at all, the decision can be made and the work will get underway.