What to do Before Getting Industrial Air Conditioning Repairs

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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Decades ago, before industrial air conditioning was invented, furnace repairmen had relatively straightforward jobs, and airflow was barely understood. Today, however, much more is known about heating, cooling and ventilation. An industrial air conditioning system is very complex, and requires specialized service to deal with inherent safety issues.

License Checks

All states require HVAC contractors to be licensed, and most states have websites that allow you to look up a particular contractor’s license. Some states have a hotline number to call and verify a contractor’s license status. Your city may have its own requirements for HVAC service personnel, and you should check with your local code office or building department to find out more.

Heating and cooling repair work may require the repair and/or installation of plumbing, which supplies natural gas to the equipment. In these cases, HVAC contractors may have to hold a plumber’s license or have a plumber on call. Some states and cities license HVAC personnel to perform this line of work; when getting estimates, ask what kind of license a company holds.

Questions to Ask

Are you bonded and insured? Most locations have minimum experience and education requirements for HVAC contractors, and to hold a license, companies need a minimum level of bonding and insurance coverage. If a contractor has to come to your place of business, they should have liability insurance to protect you in case of injury or damage.

Do you have references? Companies should willingly provide a list of customers you can call to verify that work was performed to spec and on time. If you’re given a list of references, you should follow up with them to learn what to expect from a particular company.

Can I get an estimate? HVAC equipment is expensive to repair, replace and install; therefore, it’s important to get estimates from multiple companies. Cost is an important consideration in any project, and expenses can vary by company. It’s important to document the details, scope and completion date of every project.

When you have your industrial air conditioning system professionally maintained on a regular basis, its useful life may be extended. However, as is the case with any contract, you should know what you’re signing and what you’re getting in return. Visit Airconditioning-Filter.com for more information.