What to buy from the best fabric stores online in Canada

If you are a new quilter or seamstress, it is helpful to know all of the tools you will need to gather together in order to get started properly. This is an exciting and creative venture and one that will lead to hours of enjoyment and pride in finished projects. By finding the supplies you need at the best fabric stores online Canada has available, you will be able to get the quality results you are looking for in your sewing and quilting endeavors.

Precut Fabric

If you plan on sewing pillows, curtains, dresses, or any other creation, you will want to get precut fabric. This fabric can be found online for competitive prices. Not all of the patterns may appeal to your tastes and preferences but with due diligence, you will be able to find just the right type of fabric for your needs. The best fabric stores online Canada has to offer carry a wide array of precut fabric in varying lengths and designs. You can find squares, strips, and even hexagons to suit your needs.


When you are working on a large project such as a bedspread or quilt, you will want to purchase the fabric by the yard. You can choose to order fabric panels, quilt backing, batik fabric, minky fabric, and many more different options. When it comes to buying by the yard, it is essential to make certain that you need as much as you are ordering to avoid any excess fabric. If you have too much fabric left over at the end of your project then you will need to find a way to sell it.

Additional supplies

In addition to the basic fabric, you will also want to purchase a needle, thread, and pins which can be found in a sewing kit. You can also purchase books, patterns, knitting needles, and crochet hooks from the best fabric stores online Canada has available.

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