What to Bring to Your Next Tax Appointment in Auburn, Washington

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

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Tax season is up and running! As such, it’s important to find a tax preparer you trust, as well as to know what you should bring to your next tax appointment for tax preparation in Auburn.

What Should I Bring to My Tax Appointment This Year?

The specifics on what you should bring to your tax appointment will vary from person to person, as not all documents needed will apply to every situation. Nevertheless, if applicable, here are a few of the basics:

1.Wage Forms

  • Depending on if you are an employee or a non-employee, you will want to bring a copy of your W2 or 1099 form.

2.Personal Documents

  • This includes your drivers license and social security card.

3.All Sources of Income

  • You will want to bring documentation of any and all sources of income you have acquired outside of your primary job. This could be dividends from social security checks, investments or side jobs. No matter how small the amount, always be sure to report every source of income.

4.Recent Tax Returns

  • Don’t forget to bring your tax returns from the previous year.

5.Extraneous Expenses and Write-Offs

  • If you are a non-employee, work for yourself, or paid for items related to your job at your own expense, you will want to bring receipts showing the amount of money you spent, as well as what you spent it on.

Please note that the list above is not exhaustive. To know the specifics on what you should bring for tax preparation in Auburn, please contact your local tax preparer.