What Medical Cart Accessories do Mobile Medical Cart Manufacturers Supply?

Over the years, the technology associated with medical carts advanced considerably, and with these progressions came accessories from mobile medical cart manufacturers.

Accessories range from the most common to highly specialized equipment for medical computer carts.

We have gathered many of these accessories and listed them below.

Modular Drawer Tray

When your staff needs to customize their mobile rolling cart’s drawers, a modular design is best. These are designed to rearrange the spaces, so your team has the perfect compartment to carry their tools.

Separate clips can be purchased to maximize the stability of your modular drawer.

ColorCode Carts

Often made of aluminum, these colorful hospital carts can provide a lot of safety measures for your health care facility. In addition to locking bars, these medical carts come with breakaway locks, so they are ready for any emergency your staff members are facing.

Locking Bars

When more security is needed to protect items within a medical equipment cart, a lock bar can protect many drawers at the same time. This functionality can help keep patients and staff safe when transporting medications or personal devices.

Sharps Container

As bodily fluids are a constant in healthcare facilities, a sharps container is an invaluable accessory for a medical cart on wheels. Complete with a locking mechanism, needles, bandages, and similar items can be disposed of immediately and securely.

For your general, emergency, and surgical departments, a sharps container is crucial for the health of all involved.

Catheter Holders

Available in many sizes, catheter holders provide an easy to access space to attend to the needs of patients. This container may come with a transparent or opaque front pane and requires no mounting screws.

I.V. Pole with Brackets

Simple to add to any mobile cart, the I.V. pole extends nearly 40 inches to provide a great deal of space to assist patients. Administration of medications is continuous when an I.V. pole is attached to a medical cart.

Cardiac Board
Frequently used with a medical crash cart, a cardiac board is ideal when delivering life-saving compressions. This firm surface allows all of the pressure to assist the patient rather than being absorbed by the bed or stretcher.

Outlet Strips

Your staff members need to stay plugged in during their day. Outlet strips are an excellent way to provide power to differing devices. Brackets are also available to mount existing or new strips. Grounded electrical strips offer even more safety.

Accessory Package

A cost-effective alternative when you have purchased a new medical cart is an accessory package. These packages come with a hanging bar, I.V. pole, modular drawers, brackets to hold various tanks, label holders, an outlet strip, a cardiac board with brackets, and many other accessories.

This bundle offers an excellent starting point to get your staff members’ equipment fully functional as quickly as possible.

There are many types of accessory packages available for different departments, including anesthesia, emergency, isolation, and other disciplines.

Security Box

When transporting medications such as narcotics and other highly confidential items, a security box is an excellent accessory to medical carts.

Available in many sizes, this box can be mounted on a wall, in a patient’s room, or inside of a drawer. Many come with keys, and others use a push button lock or proximity lock.

Waste Containers

Cleanliness reduces germs and the spread of infection. With a waste container attached to a medical cart, a high standard of care is simpler to achieve as staff members’ can remain organized, clean patients’ rooms and their areas.

With the medical cart market growing vastly, the need for accessories will continue for many years.

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