What Makes Sand a Good Paving Material?

Everyone has heard of gravel being used as a layering material for driveways and other landscaping projects, but what about sand? Depending on what part of the country you’re from, you may or may not have seen sand used frequently for home and commercial landscaping. Even those who are used to seeing it around may not be fully aware of all of the advantages sand brings. If you’re considering making sand part of your landscaping project, it helps to be aware of the advantages it offers. This can help you decide, with further help from your sand supplier in Utica, NY, whether sand paving is right for you.

Pleasing to the Eye

The vast majority of people interested in commissioning landscaping projects are interested in creating a certain aesthetic. If you’re one of these people, you’ll be happy to know that sand comes in a wide variety of options. You can ask your sand supplier in Utica, NY to show you the various colors they offer; this will allow you to more easily pick an option that matches the design you have in mind. Sand is available in almost every color imaginable, so there’s a type of sand to fit every color scheme!

Eliminates Pests

One of the most common enemies of any landscaping projects are garden pests or, more specifically, bugs and weeds. The good news is sand can easily keep these problems at bay. Insects are notorious for not liking sand. The loose texture makes it hard for them to settle and build their homes in your landscaping.

Additionally, weeds aren’t fond of sand either. They struggle to grow in sand, as it isn’t dense enough for their roots to take hold and allow them to sprout. If you want to maintain a garden without worrying about some of the typical pest-related issues, ask your sand supplier in Utica, NY whether sand paving is a good option for your landscaping.

To learn more about the benefits and application of sand paving, call Material Sand & Gravel at 315-826-3537 or visit their website.

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