What Makes A Humor Meme Funny?

Everyone has a slightly different sense of humor. What is mildly amusing to one person is hilarious to another. They key in creating funny content, including the most popular trending humor meme, is to consider the message, the audience, and how universal the meme is to all audiences.

There are important ingredients to any humor meme. If the goal is to make it become widely used through social media, it must be appropriate and not contain offensive language or images. Most social media platforms have standards as to the type of images and the content that can be posted on the site, and a quick review of this information is important before starting.

Keep It Short

The impact of a meme is the combination of the image and the text to convey the message. The message should be short and concise, using language that is easy to understand at a quick glance.

Often current events and pop culture references are hot and trendy options for both the language and the image that makes up a top funny meme.

Text, Image, and Background

One of the ways to make a humor meme stand out is to use a unique, quirky, and original image that does with the message. Adding a background that makes the image and the text stand out adds to the appealing nature of the meme.

Always choose a font that is easy to read. Be sure make the font size large enough to read at a glance for the most views.

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