What is Tungsten Carbide Price per Pound?

If you have any experience selling tungsten carbide scrap then you are most likely familiar with the ever changing tungsten carbide price per pound. The price per pound of tungsten carbide changes from vendor to vendor. The price may also change due to a change in the economy or demand for tungsten carbide products.

The Average Tungsten Carbide Price per Pound
On average, tungsten carbide price per pound ranges around $5 or more per pound. This is the price paid at a regular scrap yard. However, some vendors have found the average price per pound to be as high as $10 when being sold online through sites such as e-bay.

In most cases, the tungsten carbide price changes on a daily basis. Tungsten is one of the most expensive metals and is worth a lot more because of its durability and resistance to corrosion and other defects. Tungsten is twice as durable as steel.

If you have tungsten carbide to sell then your best bet is to go to a reclamation company where they have more of an option to pay you top dollar then simply paying what it’s worth. For instance, it may only be worth a small amount, but if you sell to a company that is going to recycle it and turn it into new carbide parts then you might get a better price.

How to Get the Best Tungsten Carbide Price per Pound
Because prices change daily and depend heavily on the material itself, always call your local scrap yard for pricing options before heading over to sell it. By calling around to different scrap yards, you may find that a better price is available.

It is rare to find a tungsten carbide price per pound of more than $5 per pound of tungsten carbide. However, you never know what kind of price you can get or how high you can go without trying or asking. Calling around to find the best price is probably the easiest and most used option for getting the best price per pound.

For additional information and details on buying and selling tungsten carbide, contact your local engineer and manufacturing plant.

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