What Is The Link Between Fridge Magnets And Car Magnets In St. Augustine Florida?

Actually, the link is a universal one that is not restricted to St. Augustine alone. These days, just about everyone has some magnets attached to the outside door(s) of their refrigerators. Some of which are placed there to hold bits of paper with notes on them (or photographs, kid’s paintings, etc, etc); others are there purely for their decorative appearance. Only two things are needed:-

*the magnet

*an iron or steel surface that will attract the magnet.

So, what has this got to do with Car Magnets For St. Augustine? The answer to this is that they are basically the same concept. In the same way that you do not want to glue or paint things on the outside of your fridge, you may see a need to attach things to the outside of your car in such a way that they will not damage the car’s bodywork and can be easily removed when no longer wanted.

In such a context, it should be obvious that we are not looking at magnetic vehicle propulsion or braking systems; neither are we planning to booby trap a car by using a magnet to hold a bomb in place beneath the car. The whole aim of using Car Magnets In St. Augustine is to have something clearly visible on the outside of the car.

Where a car magnet might differ from a fridge magnet is that those on cars will need to be quite thin to survive the wind forces across a car in motion and the magnet itself may need to be stronger. Additionally, car magnets usually have a noticeably larger surface area than their fridge counterparts.

Any business that possesses motor vehicles has an ideal fleet of mobile billboards on which to advertise themselves as their vehicles are being driven around the neighborhood. Logos, decals, product descriptions, company name and contact data – all can be shown on the outside of a car or other vehicle.

Permanent Or Removable?
Your vehicular advertising can be custom painted straight onto the vehicle or it could be printed onto a transfer that can then be transferred onto the bodywork. This is fine until you either wish to sell the vehicle or change some of the information displayed on it.

The use of car magnets In St. Augustine not only solves the problem of how to remove or change an advert it can also be noticeably less expensive than custom paint jobs. Both magnet and printing technologies have seen major improvements over recent years and thin, flexible magnets are now available with one surface that can be printed on – hence the birth of readily available car magnets and, yes, you can use small thin ones on your fridge.

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