What Is Body Contouring?

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Cosmetic Surgery

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Body contouring is an “umbrella” term that is used for a host of surgeries and procedures that are used to reshape a body. Body contouring in Naperville not only reshapes a body, it is used to tone, tighten and redefine the appearance of the human physique. Body contouring includes such recognized procedures as implants, redistributing body fat, treatments for cellulite, tummy tucks and complete Mommy Makeovers.

With the rapid increase in the number of people who find themselves overweight for a host of reasons there has been a corresponding increase in the number of surgical weight loss procedures, including gastric bypass surgery and the placement of lap bands. People who have undergone these radical treatments are ideal candidates for body contouring in Naperville. The underlying problem with rapid weight loss is an excess of skin that is no longer elastic and has lost all its tone. The result is that those who have undergone these treatments wish to tighten and reshape the skin in those areas that are most affected.

In cases like this where a patient has undergone a drastic loss of weight a full body lift is often a recommended way to eliminate excess skin. As rapid weight loss tends to affect all parts of the body and because skin is a continuous organ, it must eventually all be tightened. In most cases the first area of the body to be approached is the tummy, the procedure to tighten this area is known as an abdominoplasty.

It is not just the tummy that needs work, the breasts, thighs, upper arms and buttocks also are targeted areas for a full body contour. To remove the excess fat the cosmetic surgeon makes one or more small incisions in the area and either excises the fat surgically or uses liposuction. Once the excess fat is removed the surgeon will tighten the skin, trim it as necessary and stitch the patient.

The various procedures used in body contouring in Naperville can last several hours and the surgery is done with the patient under general anesthesia. Although, as with any surgery there will be some discomfort during the healing process the patient will look better and feel better. Carrying excessive weight is unhealthy, it places an unnecessary strain on the heart; it also is detrimental to the self-esteem of the individual. After working very hard to lose weight, it is disheartening for the person to still have loose skin rather than having the appearance of fitness so desired, body contouring can be the sought after solution.

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