What Is A Parking Garage?

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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A parking garage is either a stand-alone structure or an integral part of a house which is designed to store and protect a vehicle. Although vehicle storage and protection is the traditional use for a garage it is also being used by many families as a place to store household items, act as a workshop or even as a rough and tumble playroom for the children. Depending upon the design of the house the garage may be constructed as part of the initial construction or a parking garage builder in Chicago may be called in to construct a garage on an unused area of the lot.

Over the years automobiles have progressively grew in size, as a result many older homes that have a garage that was built to accommodate an early automobile now use the garage strictly for storage as it no longer can accommodate a modern vehicle. Although many modern homes have garage attached to the living unit the traditional approach was and to a great extent still is, to have a free standing, separate building away from the house. This type of garage is called a “detached garage” and other than for the large door for the vehicle often looks little different than a shed. Many homeowners will hire a parking garage builder in Chicago that is skilled in constructing a garage which does dual purpose, including a small living space over which is often called  a ‘granny flat” and is occupied by ones elderly parents.

As car ownership is almost now a universal need in the US most new homes are constructed with an “attached garage.” The benefit of a garage attached directly to the house is convenience; it is easier to move between the garage and the house without going outside which is beneficial if it is raining or snowing.

Many homes have multiple cars so it is now typical to see homes with at least a two car garage. Today, garages are constructed with more than just car storage in mind, they are built to accommodate everything that is normal for a homeowner; lawnmower, snow blower, tools of every description and in many cases the laundry is also located in the garage. A parking garage builder in Chicago usually insulates the structure and in many cases the garage is heated so it can be used for other purposes such as pursing a hobby which includes some machinery.

Last, but by no means least is the fact that a garage adds significantly to the value and curb appeal of your home.

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