What Happens When You Hire a Divorce Attorney in Milwaukee WI?

Divorce can be difficult to go through because individuals are not aware of their rights and can end making poor decisions. When emotions are running high, individuals can make mistakes that prolong their divorce process or cause it to end with a bad outcome. It is imperative a person hires a Divorce Attorney in Milwaukee WI. Being represented by an attorney will allow a person to protect their rights and have peace of mind as they go through their divorce.

When a person meets with the divorce attorney in Milwaukee WI, they will learn what steps they will need to take so they can properly pursue their divorce. It is imperative individuals do not leave the marital home or even announce their intentions until they have met with their attorney. Once the person has decided they want to finalize their divorce, the papers must be filed in court, with the stated grounds.

After the paperwork has been filed, the respondent, which is the non-filing party in the marriage, has twenty days to respond or contest the divorce. The action for divorce cannot be brought to the final hearing until at least 120 days have passed from the original filing date.

Unlike some other states in the union, the state of Wisconsin does not allow fault reasons for divorces. There are only two acceptable no-fault grounds for divorce: the marriage is irretrievably broken or both parties agree there has been a breakdown of the marital relationship. If the couple cannot agree to a divorce settlement, the courts will get involved on issues regarding child custody, support, and split of property.

While the process of getting a divorce is never easy, those that are uncontested typically go more smoothly than those that are. Individuals should never attempt to go through a divorce without having the protection of an attorney.

If you would like further information on hiring a divorce attorney, visit horizonslaw.com. They will be happy to help you through the process of your divorce so your rights and best interests can be protected. Call them today and they will schedule your appointment so you can get started.

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