What Happens To Recycled Items?

Many people have heard of the great benefits about waste recycling in Devon. They have heard about how it is great for the environment, and how things that they are not using anymore can be reused to make new products. Most people can agree that waste recycling in Devon is a great thing to do. However, what happens once you have decided to start recycling in your own home?


The first step in Waste recycling in Devon is collection. It is recommended to sort out the materials that you wish to recycle before they are picked up. Many different things can be recycled and some of these include paper, glass, and plastic. Of course, there are many other things that you can recycle and it is important to talk with your waste recycling company to see which products they accept. Once you have sorted through all of your waste, it is a good idea to call up a waste recycling company to set up a day and time to collect your waste. Some companies might want you to call each time that you want them to collect your recyclables while others might be willing to set up a weekly schedule to come collect your recycling.

After Collection

After the waste recycling company has come to pick up your recycling, it is then taken to a plant in order to be sorted and sent to manufacturers in order to be used in new products. Sometimes these products are manufactured and used right in the United Kingdom, but often, other countries that will buy the products to use themselves. An example of this is China, who pays a lot of money for recycled plastic because they do not have the option of manufacturing this product in their country.


There are so many great statistics about the good that recycling has done in your community that it is hard to choose just a few. All of the newsprint that is used and manufactured in the United Kingdom is made completely from recycled paper. This means that there are no more trees being cut down in order to provide you with your daily newspaper. All of the garden and kitchen (also known as organic waste) is collected and recycled close to the location that it is collected. There is a lot of glass that is collected for recycling every year and over 80% of it is used in the United Kingdom in order to make glass bottles and jars that you use every day.

So many great things are happening when you recycle. Not only are you getting rid of your waste, you are also helping the environment. With all of these positive aspects of waste recycling in Devon, it is hard to find a reason not to recycle.

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