What Happens In An Acid Wash Pool In San Diego California?

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Cleaning

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Recently, I was away from my home in San Diego for a year on an overseas job posting and, when I got back, I found that my swimming pool was in a terrible state. The water was so green that you could not even see the bottom at the shallow end and even the tiles above the water line looked somewhat slime covered.

My neighbor mentioned something about me needing a pool acid wash and, frankly, I did not know what he was talking about. In my work, I often come across the need to clean component parts by placing them in a bath filled with acid but that did not seem to relate to cleaning up my dirty swimming pool. On reflection, I realized that what he meant by getting an pool acid wash and that I should contact a pool service company that provides services such as pool acid washing in San Diego.

Acid Wash For An Empty Pool In San Diego

This made perfect sense, it would take forever for my filtering system to clean the water back to a state where I would be happy to enter it and who knows how long it would take me to scrub the tiles clean. To drain the foul water out and then apply an acid wash service for my pool in San Diego is going to be the quickest and most effective solution to my problem.

What Does The Pool Acid Washing Service For San Diego Actually Do?

In my case, the problem had been caused by neglect during my absence but, I have since found out that it is good practice to perform an acid wash on my swimming Pool in San Diego every 3-5 years or so. The contractor started by fully draining my pool and removing any loose debris like dead leaves, etc from the bottom. Then, instead of hard physical labor with scrubbing brushes, diluted muriatic acid is poured over the sides from the top in around 10 foot long sections. After about 30 seconds, the wall will be scrubbed and most of the stain will be fairly easily removed. A repeat acid wash may be required for particularly bad staining. After the acid washing of the walls was completed, they worked their way across the bottom of the pool. When using professional technicians like University Pools, your pool will be drained, cleaned the next day and will be ready for swimming as soon as it is filled.