What Do Wire EDM Machine Shops Do?

by | Nov 23, 2023 | Metal Fabrication

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New technology means that there are new ways of manufacturing items, such as wire EDM techniques. However, with so many new manufacturing methods on the market, it can be difficult to understand what they all mean. It’s important to know what these different machines do so you know which ones are optimal for your purposes. Here is a quick guide to the function of wire EDM machine shops.

What Is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM stands for electric discharge machining. This process uses an electrode which gives off an electric discharge. The electricity melts a metal and then shapes it, using electricity to push objects into the shapes that they need to be, instead of cutting or welding it.

There are other methods of EDM manufacturing, but wire EDM machine shops use the wire method. This uses a wire which is wound between two spools and constantly moving as the electrode, meaning that the wire is reusable throughout the process. These shops use this method to precisely shape manufactured objects.

What Are the Benefits of Wire EDM?

The reason why wire EDM machine shops use this manufacturing technique is that it is better for delicate objects. The wire EDM process is much gentler than welding or cutting, meaning that it carries less of a risk of damaging an object.

It is also better for precise applications such as molds, where the shape must be exact. Since the process uses little heat, the metal doesn’t get distorted.