What Can You Expect From Shellac Nails in Omaha?

Having beautiful nails does not have to be a lot of work when you have your nails done at a salon. Today, women have more options than ever before for what type of nails they have applied. One of the most popular options available today is shellac nails in Omaha. These nails are easier to apply and are chip resistant. The only time they will need to be reapplied is when new nail growth occurs or a woman wants to change her polish color.

When a woman goes to her nail salon for Shellac Nails in Omaha, the nail technician may decide to first use gel to build up the nail bed and lengthen her nails. The gel is applied in layers and then cured with a UV light. Once the gel is hardened and cured, the nails can be properly shaped and smoothed so there is a good foundation for the shellac to be placed on.

Shellac comes in a myriad of colors and can be used to make a woman’s nails beautiful. Shellac is painted on a layer at a time. Before the next layer is put on, the shellac is quickly hardened and cured with a UV light. Curing the shellac between coats ensures it will stay in place for many weeks without chipping, peeling or fading.

After all of the layers of shellac have been brushed on and cured, the nail technician will further protect the nails by coating them with a protective top coat. The top coat is clear and helps to ensure the shellac polish will not chip or become damaged during manicures. Two layers of top coat may be applied, depending on the type being used.

Shellac nails are perfect for special occasions or everyday manicures. They can be embellished with painted designs, rhinestones, sparkles, and jewelry. To ensure the best look is achieved, it is important women only receive services through professional nail designers.

To learn more about this nail option and how it can create beautiful nails that last for weeks.

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