What Are The Responsibilities Of An HVAC Technician?

One of the most rapid growing technical careers in the country is that of HVAC technician. HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning” and technicians who install and service this equipment are in demand.


When upgrades or installations are needed to a home or office’s HVAC, Houston technicians install heating and cooling systems in any building, from the largest shopping mall to a typical residential unit. The technician is educated so that he is familiar with and comfortable with systems both large and small.


The technicians are also those called upon to troubleshoot problems in HVAC, Houston-based or elsewhere, to identify the problem and make repair. To accomplish this, the technician needs to have the skills required to quickly diagnose the problem, order the replacement parts as required and then accomplish the repair in minimal time with minimal disruption. A good technician has excellent listening skills because a verbal report of the sounds and smells prior to the systems failure.


The HVAC technician can also be called upon to either sell systems directly or to accompany the sales personnel on site to act as the technical support during the presentation of the proposal. The knowledge gained through his technical education and on site experiences makes him a valuable addition to the sales team.


As the technician gains skill and experience in HVAC in Houston he may find himself being offered a supervisory role. In this role he will take on the added responsibilities of supervision of other repair and installation technicians, work schedule preparation, hire and fire employees and maintain an inventory compatible with the needs of the ever expanding customer base.

A normal day for a HVAC technician starts with him being given a list of duties which he is expected to perform. Many technicians have a dedicated service vehicle which allows them to make emergency calls if necessary as well as leaving for the job site directly from his home. The vehicle is loaded with most standard parts so there is no need for the technician to make a stop at the office first. A normal day will have anywhere from 2 to 4 calls depending on the perceived complexity and the technicians skills.


Once the technician arrives at the job site he will usually try to have a brief conversation with the owner or building manager about the extent of the problem. By determining when the system last worked well and what the client heard or smelled when the equipment failed and coupled with the service records of the machine, he can get a basic understanding of what repairs may prove necessary.


The next step is to run a diagnostic check on the various elements of the unit and pinpointed the exact cause. Modern diagnostic tools make this part of the process easy and almost fool proof. Once the problem has been identified, the repair is made.


When it comes to repair and maintenance of a home’s HVAC, Houston technicians play a very important role in keeping society comfortable and safe. With air conditioning used in everything from your car to the ice cream factory, the technician is very much in demand.

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