What A Homeowner Can Expect During Air Conditioning System Installation In Farmington Valley CT

The summer sun can create unbearably hot temperatures inside a home, and leave those who live there feeling miserable with no way to obtain relief. The best way to combat hot weather is to operate a central air conditioning system, which is designed to keep a home at a pre-determined temperature automatically. The idea of a new Air Conditioning System Installation in Farmington Valley CT can be overwhelming, but the following is designed to provide an overview of the process so a homeowner can be ready when the technicians arrive.

Duct Work

A central HVAC system uses a network of air ducts to move air throughout a home and ensure even cooling. One of the first steps is to install this system, typically utilizing the attic or basement space. During Air Conditioning System Installation in Farmington Valley CT, the technician will need to cut small air vent holes so that the air can be dispersed, and they may also need to run a larger return duct system that draws in the air that is treated by the air conditioner.

Interior Air Handler

The interior unit is what houses the fan that moves air through the ductwork, and it also houses the control panel which signals the various components to operate when a temperature change is detected. The technicians will first connect the device to the ductwork, and then connect any wires running from the thermostat or outdoor unit. Once all of the various items are connected, they will then attach the power supply.

Exterior Compressor Unit

The outside compressor is what cools the air as it is filtered through the HVAC system. The unit will be installed in a flat area, and the coolant and electrical lines will be connected. To finish the installation, the technician will fill the compressor with a coolant liquid and test the system for any issues.

Don’t let summer weather leave a house uncomfortable and unsafe for those who live there. Contact the team at Harp Home Services and see why they have been a trusted provider of HVAC repair and installation services for more than 25 years. Call today to schedule an appointment or check service plans and keep an HVAC system running reliably for years to come.

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