Ways You Can Stay Safe While Using a Parking Garage in Chicago

There are some situations that arise that could mean utilizing a parking garage instead of parking on the street. There are a few safety tips that you can keep in mind while you’re away from your vehicle and when you’re driving through the garage.


Something that you want to keep in mind about using a parking garage near Navy Pier is that they can become quite dark, even if you use them during the day. Try to plan your trip so that you get everything done in the morning or at least before the evening hours so that you can avoid walking around at night. Consider leaving personal belongings at home instead of needing to take them in your vehicle as you don’t want other people to see what you have.

Lock and Leave

When you arrive at a parking garage near Navy Pier, you want to lock your door and leave the area as soon as possible. Don’t linger around your vehicle as this could attract unwanted attention and could make you look suspicious to security guards who might not have seen you arrive. Try to park close to the entrance or the exit so that there are more people driving past your vehicle while you’re gone instead of parking in an area that’s empty.

Memorable Marks

Try to look for a landmark near your vehicle when you park. This can make it easier to locate your vehicle when you get back to the garage. It’s also easier to give details about where you’re located if you need assistance.

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