Water Heater Plumbing: How to Keep Your Water Heater in Peak Condition

Reliable running hot water in your home is one of life’s perks, and not having it can be rather inconvenient. It can alter your daily schedule. Take care of your water heater and extend its life with the help of plumbers in Waxahachie, TX area, and you’ll never have to go without hot water.

Basic Water Heater Maintenance
There are a few things a plumber can do to keep your heater in good shape, but if you attempt to do any maintenance work on your own, ensure your safety by shutting off the electricity or gas that runs to the heater, turning off the water valve, and draining out all the water from the tank. The following are some important tasks a plumber can do to keep your water heater in shape:

Remove sediment and mineral buildup: This is done by emptying the water heater tank and scrubbing the bottom of the tank to remove the buildup. At the end, all the sediments are flushed out.

Get rid of bad odors: Unless you flush out the water tank regularly, you may start to notice a bad smell coming from the water. This can be fixed by adding the proper amount of bleach in the tank with cold water and letting it sit for a few hours. This will kill the bacteria and take away the odor. The final part of the process is to flush the tank out with hot water.

Fix an inconsistent water temperature: If you notice that the temperature of the water is constantly changing and that you can’t keep it at a comfortable temperature, then most likely the thermostat is not functioning properly. The only option is to remove the thermostat and check to see which parts are not functioning correctly. The switch button may be tripped, or the wires may be misaligned.

Water heaters don’t last forever, so in some cases, it may be time to replace it if it is not working optimally. If you want to seek advice from trustworthy plumbers in Waxahachie, TX, contact Direct Service Company.

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