Visually Attractive CD Printing: What Every Professional Needs

by | May 13, 2015 | Computer And Internet

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Any time you choose to have a CD made you have an option to add a design to the CD. Adding a design is a way to further personalize the CD. Many people need a simple label, and many people or businesses need something more intricate and professional. CD printing is very important for many reasons. Whether you want CD printing in NYC for a more professional look, or to help people tell the difference between your CD and others there are many different print methods you can use. These methods can vary in price depending on what you need.

Printing Methods: Choose the One that Is Right for You

Simple CD labels are paper labels with a sticky adhesive. This method is usually performed on a personal home computer by designing and printing the label, removing the protective backing paper and sticking the label to the top side of the CD. Lithographic offset print is considered industry standard. This method of mass production printing creates printing plates that are transferred or offset to rubber blanket cylinders inside the machinery. The cylinders then apply color onto the print side of the disc. This is usually done for high volume orders. Silk screen-printing, also known as screen printing, involves passing ink through a screen or mesh that is stretched on a frame with a stencil or outline of the print. The open parts of the stencil allow the ink through and this is what is printed on the disc. Ink-jet printing can be printed pretty quickly from a computer to a printer. This ends up providing a quicker turnaround time than with lithographic printing. Ink-jet printing is also one of the cheaper options. Thermal printing uses ink or transfer ribbons which move below a heated printing head to enable the transfer of ink to the disc. This method can be used for small quantities of CDs.

Which Method Is Best for You?

For quicker and cheaper options, ink-jet and thermal printing is best. However, for a more professional option that is needed for a large quantity of CDs to be sold in NYC for example, lithographic printing is the best way to go. Making sure to choose the best option based on your quantity and finished product is very important. Always be sure to take into account what design is being printed, how many you need, and how professional it needs to look in the packaging.

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