Veterinary in Honolulu Services for Your Dog or Cat

Most pet owners consider their dog or cat to be a member of their family, and it shows in how they take care of them. Veterinary in Honolulu services are part of ensuring your pet is as healthy and happy as possible. Some of the services that you can use for your pet include preventative wellness care, dental care, surgical services, and vision care. The following will briefly discuss the importance of these veterinary services for your beloved pet.

Wellness Care

One way to prevent serious illnesses for your pet is to take them to the vet for regular wellness visits. Depending on the age and current health of your pet, the vet will make appropriate recommendations for how often your pet needs to be seen. The goal of wellness checkups is to make sure nothing is wrong with your pet and to takes steps to prevent illness. Exams, blood tests, vaccines, and preventative medications are all part of wellness care at Veterinary in Honolulu hospitals.

Dental Care

Just like you, your pet needs proper dental care. Their teeth are at risk just like yours for decay, breakage, loss, and gum disease. Proper dental care can prevent problems and restorative care can help fix problems. Dental cleanings and oral surgery are two services provided by a quality veterinarian.

Surgical Services

Your pet needs to be spayed or neutered which is a surgical procedure. Other procedures can include emergency and orthopedic surgeries. It is not unusual for some breeds of dogs to experience joint and bone disorders that require surgery. It is not unlike hip replacements for elderly patients.

Vision Care

Your dog or cat should be able to see well. Eye care is part of quality Veterinary in Honolulu services at your local vet’s office. Eye exams, surgeries, and other treatments are designed to help your pet see better or at least have better eye health. Pets can get glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye diseases just like humans.

Choosing a Veterinary clinic in Honolulu means knowing they offer all these services and more. Whether you have insurance for your pet or not, it is crucial to keep them healthy by providing them with good health care. You will be protecting them as well as your household. Gentle Vets Pet Hospital offers quality services for all your pet needs.

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