Vaccinations in Charleston, WV From Physical Exams, Inc.

by | Apr 5, 2014 | Drug Testing Service

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It can be an exorbitant expense for any company to send employees for exams and drug testing. Clinics and doctor’s offices are often solidly booked as well, making it impossible to perform random testing as needed. A viable solution is the one offered by Physical Exams Inc.

Here, workplace physicals, drug testing and Vaccinations in Charleston, WV are all tended to in the same location. Their on-site lab makes it possible for employees to begin work or get back to work within 24-hours rather than waiting weeks or more for results. They are able to tailor services to meet the needs of any industry or even athletic teams to ensure each patient is fit for the activity they will be performing. Should an accident happen, they can certify when that employee is ready to go back to work.

You can use their drug testing services to meet DOT requirements, random test employees in question or ensure new-hires are ready for employment. All test results are double checked for exceptional accuracy and the results can be transmitted through various means as needed. All medical professionals handling these results are fully certified and experienced in the field.

Breath Alcohol Testing is available along with blood and urine tests. They offer worker’s compensation exams, DOT physicals and Vaccinations in Charleston, WV. They even offer after hours and emergency services as needed.

Should you discover drugs or alcohol to be a problem in your workplace, they are happy to offer advice for creating a drug-free work environment including valuable information about the effects of drug use and the length of time they remain in the system. They are often able to schedule exams and physicals for the same day and their pricing is very competitive.

Lowering your medical costs and preventing accidents is achievable with a company like Physical Exams Inc. Give your employees quality care while you ensure a safe workplace for everyone. Prepare them for their work with cardiac screenings, respirator fittings and Vaccinations in Charleston, WV.

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