Uses for Ice Cube Products Purchased at Wholesale in Suffolk County, NY

Companies that supply ice products sell blocks of ice, crushed ice, and dry ice to restaurants, bars, hotels, Two particular kinds of ice used in creating ice sculptures are orders for ice luge and sculpting ice. Some ice distributors make these products available at food production quality so they are safe for consumption, since they can be used to directly serve food and liquor.

Ice sculpting or ice carving is an art form. Ice sculptors may learn their craft through culinary schools. They may use tools ranging from large chain saws to hand saws to chisels. Ice sculptures are used to present cold foods like seafood as well as for a themed decoration at weddings. Many hotels, restaurants, and catering services feature ice sculptures in their buffet lines. Typical Ice Cube Wholesale Suffolk County NY sizes for sculpting ice come in 40-inch to 60-inch blocks.

An ice luge is a block of ice that has a narrow, carved channel running through it for liquid to run through. These are often a feature at bars, wedding receptions, and events where drinks are served. Drinks like vodka and champagne are poured into the ice and dispensed through the block of ice. In fact, ice luges are common features at an uncommon type of establishment, an ice bar. Ice bars are usually tourist attractions in Scandinavia and other northern European countries, although there is an ice bar in Orlando, Florida, too.

If the blocks of ice used for making sculptures appear to be cloudy, that doesn’t always mean that there are contaminants in the ice. More than likely, it doesn’t mean that the water isn’t pure, but it just means that what you’re seeing are air molecules that became trapped in the ice during freezing. Still, companies who provide sculpting ice take pride in providing crystal clear ice to avoid any misunderstanding about the ice not being pure, and it does enhance the presentation, whether with a chef-prepared dish or as a centerpiece by itself. A customer might order an Ice Cube Wholesale Suffolk County NY that has been colored on purpose with dyes or gels so that it matches the theme of the event.

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