Uses and Basic Information on Waterjet Cutting

When you need to have metal, granite, stone, or another hard surface cut, you need to make sure that the cut is accurate and straight. In many cases, you will want a waterjet cutter to do this job. A waterjet cutter uses either water or a mixture of water and another abrasive material pushed at a high velocity to cut metal, wood, granite, or other hard objects. Uses for Waterjet Cutting include cutting the parts to make machinery and other devices. A waterjet cutter can also be used to etch into the material instead of cutting it.

A waterjet can cut through almost any material effectively. When combined with abrasives such as grit, it can cut through thicker or harder materials with ease. The maximum thickness that a waterjet can cut through is four inches. This saved time and work, because the entire cut can be done at one time. The first cut to sear the metal also gives it the final finished surface because the waterjets leave a clean precise cut.

Beyond just cutting materials,Waterjet Cutting can be used for etching the materials. Feeding the material through the machine faster means that the material is not cut all the way through, but rather just cut into a little bit. This etches the surface of the material, making a dent in it. This application could be used for creating unique signs or making it easier to bend thick or stronger metals.

When you need something cut for you, a waterjet cutter may be a good way to go. It saves time in many ways, such as cutting in one pass so there doesn’t have to be many passes. It also saves time because the engineer tells the shop what to do and the shop does it. It only has one step, so it doesn’t have to go through a process to be complete, or change hands between many people. The cuts made will be finished and straight, and can either be cut all the way through or etched into the material. Any hard material such as wood, granite, or metal can be used, so the potential is for unlimited projects.

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