Use a Photo Booth Rental in New York for the Most Creative Events

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Photographer

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Special events are meant to be memorable and noteworthy. Yet, they run the risk of being predictable or boring because they so often follow a sort of template. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary party, corporate event, fundraiser or other similar activity, there always seems to be the same sort of activity and even the same timeline of activities. This is why you will want to consider a photo booth rental in New York for your upcoming special event.

What to Do with a Photo Booth Rental in New York

A photo booth may not, initially, seem all that creative. After all, it asks your guests to sit down inside of a tiny booth, pose for a series of shots in front of the camera and…well, that’s it. Yet, with a more dynamic supplier of a photo booth rental in New York, your options will never be so limited.

After all, a creative vendor is going to have multiple styles of photo booths. Yes, you can get that iconic little box styled booth, but you might also get:

  • A stand up booth
  • A large, elite booth
  • An InstaPic station that lets you see the photo on a large display screen and prints it out moments later
  • A green screen station

Stations that might use slow motion photography or even make flip books of action shots

Let’s not forget that a premium photo booth rental in New York could also include options for all kinds of props, different scrap booking stations, customized logos and film strip designs, and options to load images directly to social media. This last option is the ultimate in promotional tools as it can allow everyone to see, in real time, the fun of one of your events. This is a remarkable way to build interest in your mission, activities or projects and yet is also a wildly cost-effective tool.

Keep in mind that many photo booths also give attendees an instant print out of their series of photos, meaning you ensure everyone has a memento of the event and won’t even have to purchase any gift bags or other guest “goodies”.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, get in touch with Photo Booth Rentals By ISH Events. With a wide array of photo booth services and options, they can help you build the most amazing activities and document your unforgettable events. Feel free to use our online contact form or phone 888-340-9190.