Urgent Care Facilities: Why they are a good alternative to the ER

According to the most updated numbers from the Urgent Care Association of America, over 7,500 urgent care centers exist the United States. With expected growth of nearly 6% this year, there are more opportunities to receive immediate care close to home than ever before. The next time you are in need of medical attention near Parsippany, NJ consider Urgi-Med Urgent Care of Randolph as an excellent alternative to the ER.

Why Hospitals Like Them

Because Urgent Care facilities provide easy access to care for non-emergent treatment, they help prevent overcrowding at Emergency Rooms, enabling ER physicians to focus and dedicate their attention to more critical cases.

Why Patients Like Them

Urgent Care Facilities like Urgi-Med Urgent Care of Randolph, NJ have long been favored by patients for on-demand care. There is no appointment needed, they are conveniently located, accept most insurance plans, have significantly shorter wait times and care is provided at a lower out-of-pocket cost as compared to a traditional hospital Emergency Room setting.

The Right Urgent Care Facility For You

The most important consideration in choosing any medical provider is comfort in knowing that you will receive top-notch professional care and compassion. Short wait times, visits covered by insurance and the ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments including flu, strep, Lyme, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and lacerations requiring suturing are just some of the reasons patients choose urgent care facilities like Urgi-Med Urgent Care of Randolph, NJ. The fact that Urgi- Med Urgent Care also provides preventative care such as immunizations and routine physical exams is one of the reasons this facility is a favorite of patients throughout the area.

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