Update Your Smile

When many or all of your teeth are decayed or missing, your overall health suffers. You may not be able to eat enough raw fruits and vegetables in order to maintain a healthy nutritional intake. You might seclude yourself because of embarrassment about your teeth when you talk or smile. With new dentures Frisco residents love, you do not have to deal with these problems any longer.

If you have never used dentures before, you might not be sure of what to expect. Today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than the dentures that were around a generation ago. Modern dentures are made with precise measurements taken with digital X-rays and careful impressions. They are constructed from durable and safe materials that are designed to stay in place without sloppy adhesives.

With a set of upper or lower dentures, you can feel confident when you bite into a carrot or apple. When wearing dentures, you will not need to worry about flashing your smile when you see a friend or hear a joke. Singing, giving a speech or going on a special outing will no longer have to cause you distress. The process of getting dentures is simple. If you need any extractions beforehand, we can do that for you. You can choose immediate dentures or a set of permanent dentures, depending on your current oral health situation.

Enhance the look of your smile and feel more confident in yourself with new dentures in Frisco. We look forward to helping you improve both the look and function of your mouth. Give us at Lone Star Dental Care a call today in order to schedule an appointment for denture evaluation and measurements. You may also visit us online for more information about us and the dentures that we can provide to you.

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