Unique Options for Custom Jewelry

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Jewelry

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Most people who buy custom jewelry simply have the pieces engraved with a name, date, or message. This, however, is just one type of option that is available. Depending on how much a person is willing to spend, customization can become far more involved. This is especially true of platinum & gold jewelry.


Platinum, gold, and other metal jewelry can be crafted in a completely custom way. A good example of this is the class ring, which often has a symbol forged in that’s unique to a particular school and class year. The same principles used to make these rings can be used to create one or more pieces for companies, special events, or even individuals. A ring made for an individual would be a true one of a kind item.


While rings are well-known for their ability to be customized, they aren’t the only type of jewelry this can work with. Earrings, cufflinks, pendants, and more can be made completely according to a customer’s specifications, with the only limitations being the need to maintain the strength of the piece. Strength is important if the jewelry will have a setting to hold a stone or other accent.


If there is a conflict between the desired design and what the customer wants to do with the jewelry, a good custom jeweler will work with the buyer to devise a design that looks almost the same while taking care of the needed physical aspects.


Of course, most people who buy custom jewelry don’t go all-out and have something molded especially for them. Instead, easier and less-expensive options will usually do the job. One such option is to choose a particular type of stone to go into a setting.


Birthstones and other such stone types are popular for this since they have built-in significance. Alternatively, a stone may be chosen that is of personal significance or is simply a favorite color.
Engraving, as previously mentioned, is sometimes the only customization jewelry has.


In many cases, though, it’s combined with other customizations to form a doubly-powerful commemorative piece. This is a great option to choose for jewelry that will be passed down through the generations, since the engraving will last long after the specifics of the piece’s story have been lost.