Understanding The History Of Smokeless Pistol Powder In Bellingham, WA

The invention of smokeless gun powder benefited the military and private citizens. Remember the scenes from war movies of a cloudy, dark battlefield? The soldiers could hardly see each other because of all the smoke. Black powder leaves residue because it contains nitrates which produce carbon. Indeed, there are many advantages to Smokeless Pistol Powder in Bellingham, WA.

What Is Black Powder?

The Chinese are credited with inventing black powder which was also used in fireworks. The Powder is really the ignition fuel that makes a gun fire. Another downside to black powder is its extreme combustibility. That’s why it was perfect for flintlocks and muskets.

Smokeless Powder Is Invented

In the 1800’s, a Frenchman invented the first single-base smokeless powder. Single-based powders are made with nitrocellulose. Later, Alfred Nobel added nitroglycerin to create a double-base powder. Nobel’s powder was cleaner and it increased the weapon’s range. There are those who had been waiting for a Smokeless Pistol Powder in Bellingham, WA. Smokeless powder is much more powerful than black powder. Therefore, weapons owners do not have to carry as much ammunition.

Smokeless powder is sold in several different shapes. Stick powder, which looks like small canisters, is used to make rifle cartridges. On the other hand, flake powder is used in handgun cartridges. Many shotgun owners purchase ball powder. Gun owners may choose one powder over another because of the burn rate. Basically, the burn rate is how fast the powder ignites. Experts say powerful ammunition, like a magnum cartridge, requires a slow-burning powder. Faster burning powders are used for low-speed weapons.

Popularity Of Smokeless Powder

More than ten-million pounds of smokeless powder is made in the U.S. each year. Much of the powder is sold to various foreign and domestic military entities. On the other hand, ammunition makers buy a lot of smokeless powder. Further, private gun owners purchase powder because they want to make their own loads. A pound of smokeless powder sells for around $18. No matter what powder is used, gun owners need to exercise caution. For more information, visit RBS Ammunition and go to where it says Click Here.

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