Understanding Compliance Requirements For Air Conditioning In Phoenix

In Arizona, professional trained technicians install new air conditioning and heating systems based on the local and federal safety regulations. These standards require them to inspect the installation after it is complete to ensure compliance. If the installation is for a new construction it is necessary for them to order a building code inspection to ensure that requirements have been met before the homeowners move into the property. If you need a new installation for Air Conditioning Phoenix today, you should contact Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc to schedule an appointment.

New Constructions and Compliance

All safety codes must be followed at any time a new installation is conducted. HVAC professionals who work with these new systems are familiar with these requirements and ensure homeowners that the installation will not cause hazardous or otherwise dangerous circumstances. This includes ensuring that the new system is wired correctly and is connected to a wiring system that is compatible. They are also required to ensure that the electrical system has the required circuit disruptors that are necessary to prevent a fire.

Freon Compliance and Handling

All HVAC technician who will manage Freon levels inside air conditioning units are required to attend safe handling training for the gas. This includes distribution, installation, and removal of the gas from these systems. The technician must possess a license issued by the state of Arizona to handle the gas. Without this license, they are restricted by law from utilizing the potentially dangerous gas.

Recycling of Older Units

When an older unit is replaced, it is necessary for HVAC professionals to remove these units from the property for recycling purposes. This allows for a renewable source of materials needed to construct new units without depleting existing raw ore, which is needed to produce new steel products. By recycling these units, refurbished parts are accessible and could reduce costs for homeowners across the board.

By understanding what is expected for a new installation of an air conditioning unit, you realize the safety precautions that are vital to the safety of the homeowners. When you order a new installation, it is necessary for you to discuss compliance with your provider to make sure that all tasks are performed correctly. If you need an Installation for Air Conditioning Phoenix Today, contact your local provider or visit their website.

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