Types of Invasions that Require Home Pest Control Services in Orange Park, FL All Season Long

While spring and fall are the most active time for pests, they can invade at any time of the year. Bugs have their place in nature but when they start invading your home, they can quite literally overrun your dwelling in no time at all. This can become a nuisance, a financial burden, and quite possibly a health threat to you and your family. Some pests will lay dormant during the colder months, while others are actively looking to invade your property all year long. These are some of the most common pests that can invade at any season.

Termites are a particularly active species even during the winter. They live in areas where wet wood is available. This environment is created when the wood piles are stacked up in wet or damp areas. The moisture draws out the termites who make these piles their new home. As the wood is brought in, the termites make their way into the house. If the wood is piled near the foundation, the termites will quickly start their destruction. The Home Pest Control Services in Orange Park, FL will treat for these pests all year around.

Roaches are another pest that does not recognize seasonal changes. Roaches can creep into the tiniest openings and once inside, they have many places to hide. Since they populate throughout the entire year, they can quickly overrun your house. This invasion can be a difficult one to tackle. The best means of preventing their entrance is to treat for this pest before they have invaded.

Mice are always on the lookout for warmth and food. These comforts located inside the home have a constant appeal. Even though they are less active in the winter months, they can still get inside. Mice are known for their prolific breeding habits and will multiply rapidly. Routing them out of a warm and comfortable home is extremely difficult. Preventing the invasion starts with the help of Home Pest Control Services in Orange Park, FL before the pests can find a way into the home.

Pests are active every day of the year. These are some of the most common pests that can invade even during the winter months. Because the pests are continually active, prevention should be maintained even during the winter months. For help combating these, and other invaders, contact Total Spraying LLC.

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