Trust the Professionals with Complete Stump Grinding in New Canaan, CT

Trees are an important part of any landscape. They elevate a home’s beauty to the next level. Trees are much larger than plants and therefore are not only harder to maintain but can cause quite a bit of damage if not properly worked with. Fortunately, trained professionals can help with all aspects of tree care and tree removal, right down to the stump.

Services Offered by Professionals

The professionals are licensed arborists who deeply understand and care about the preservation of trees and the natural beauty they provide. The expert team offers pruning and uses natural target pruning. This means that the trees natural abilities are taken into consideration, and the pruning of the trees coincides with what the tree is already capable of. Ornamental pruning is also available. This is the type of pruning that adds attractiveness to the tree and can potentially add value to your property. The health and preservation of the tree are kept in mind with both types of pruning.

There are times when trees must be removed. The reasons vary from the tree having died to it posing a threat to homes, structures, or other trees. If this is the case, professionals can safely fell the tree and remove it without damaging property. Unsightly stumps will remain after the removal of a tree.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding in New Canaan, CT involves the complete removal of the stump, followed by the grinding of the stump to make a form of wood chips. After the completion of stump grinding, the space left is ready for replanting a tree, or maybe seeding the area with grass seeds. Removing the stump is more visually appealing and safer.

Whatever your tree needs may be, these professionals have the training and equipment to safely care for and preserve your trees. Contact Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc. to set up your initial consultation.

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