Trigger Point Therapy in Sayville Relieves Chronic Pain

Trigger point therapy in Sayville is becoming a very popular treatment option for treating chronic pain. Dealing with chronic pain can be debilitating. Taking pain medication for long periods to treat chronic pain is rife with negative side effects, but trigger point therapy in Sayville is not. Many patients report finding the relief that they need to improve their lifestyle and feel well.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?
When the muscles are injured because of an injury or an illness sometimes the cells of the muscle contract and cannot relax, even long after the injury. These trigger points can cause “referred pain” in other areas of the body. Trigger point injections help to relieve the spasms and loosen up the muscle.

Why TPT?
Trigger point therapy in Sayville targets where the pain comes from. When you take medication to treat chronic pain, every area of your body is affected. With TPT, the treatment addresses the specific “trigger point” that is sending the pain signal. This helps to:

Address the pain where it comes from
Avoid dangerous side effects from long term pain medication use
Provide an immediate reduction in pain

Pain medication does not address the pain at its core point. It masks the pain and when it wears off you are still left with pain. TPT can help the muscle to heal after a few sessions. Once the muscle heals, you can live pain free again!

No Side Effects
TPT either will work or it does not. There are no dangerous long-term side effects that you must worry about.

Immediate Reduction
Patients report an immediate reduction in pain after the session. This immediate reduction can be turned into a long-term reduction with a few sessions! Sayville Medical and Rehab has the treatment options that will get you out of pain for good!

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