Traditional Mexican Cheeses are Great Paired with Peanuts

by | May 6, 2014 | Food

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Everyone loves the addition of cheese to their meals, no matter what type of cuisine they are cooking. Most people don’t think of associating cheese with Mexico, but the country actually is known for their wide range of native cheeses. Some of their cheeses are very similar to other popular cheeses, while many of them are completely unique and unlike any other cheeses in the world. These chesses would be hard to get from your local grocer, so unless you are in Mexico or shop at a Mexican grocery store, then you will have trouble gaining access to them.


Buy Products from a Quality Mexican Grocer


A quality Mexican grocer will have many types of Mexican cheese available for an affordable price, so they are your best option if you want premium, authentic ingredients to create your culinary delights. Quality Mexican cheeses include Chiapas which crumbles and has a tart taste sort of like feta, Chihuahua, which is perfect for recipes that call for melted cheese, cotija which has a sharp taste and is often grated on salads, and criollo which is completely unique from other types of cheeses and is perfect for use in recipes that call for grated or melted cheese.


Enjoy the Great Taste of Mexican Cheese, Beer, and Nuts


There is also enchilada, which is aged and then spiced with chili powder or paprika and then served with an array of Mexican beers, fresco which has a wonderful spicy creamy taste, manchego which is a nutty and mild cheese, Oaxaca which has a stringy texture, and queso blanco which is a creamy white cheese that is usually used as a spread. Whatever type of cheeses you prefer to purchase, you will be able to get them all from a quality Mexican grocer. When eating cheeses, you might also try the many varieties of Mexican nuts that are available as well. Traditional Japanese style peanuts, hot nuts peanuts, and other varieties of traditional Mexican nuts are great when paired with Mexican cheeses and beer. Have these items as an in between meal snack, or have them along with a traditional Mexican dinner of your choice. You can’t go wrong with the bold and spicy flavors of Mexican food.