Top Tips for Hiring Movers in Burnaby, BC

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Movers

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If you’re looking for a moving company to make your next move as stress-free as possible, you should do your homework before signing a contract. From the minute you phone them until your last box is unloaded, the best movers in Burnaby, BC, will take good care of you and your things.

Show the Estimator Everything

One of the most important things you can do when hiring movers in Burnaby, BC, is to show the estimator everything you wish to have moved for you. This is crucial for two different reasons. The first reason is that it will allow the moving company to give you the best estimate possible.

The second reason, which is also the most important, is this ensures all of your belongings are moved together. Your moving company won’t charge you more on the day of moving, but they can refuse to take items not included in the original estimate. If this happens, you are left to figure out how to move the extra items yourself.

Ask About Insurance Coverage and Additional Fees

One of the worst things is surprise fees are added on the day you are moving. Reputable moving companies will typically include everything in their estimate. Still, it doesn’t hurt to inquire about anything they consider additional, such as fuel charges, equipment usage fees, or anything else that might not show up until after the move is completed.

Always ask about insuring your belongings. You also want to make sure you get all of the coverage they promise you in writing. Along with mover’s insurance, consider checking with your homeowner’s insurance to see if they offer any coverage while your belongings are in transit.

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