Top Three Questions to Ask Your Counselor Howell MI

When you are choosing a professional to assist you with counseling Howell MI, it is important to make sure the counselor you choose is the right fit for you. Most counselor offer a free initial session so you can interview each other and make sure that you are the right fit. When you choose a counselor in Howell MI, you should ask the following three questions at a minimum, to ensure your needs will be met.

How Much Will This Cost, and What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

The money aspect is not the only thing you should base your decision on, but it is a huge concern for many patients. Find out the fees that will be associated with treatment, and what types of insurance the provider accepts. If you don’t have health insurance, find out what forms of payment the counselor accepts. Some counselors may be willing to take payments. You should also ask about the cancellation policy and what charges are associated with appointment cancellations.

What Method of Treatment Do You Use?

There are many different methods of treatment. Some counselors prefer one-on-one sessions, while others believe group therapy is the key to all healing. Some providers have a secular view of treatment, while others use faith-based techniques. Some providers are proponents of medications to treat many issues, while others prefer to avoid writing prescriptions if possible. Ensure that the counselors views of treatment mesh with yours to avoid problems later in your treatment.

How Do You Handle Emergencies?

It is important to find a counseling Howell MI provider that will be there for you in the event of an emergency. This ensures that someone that knows you will be there to help you if you need them. Find out if your provider has a number for emergencies, and if they are willing to help you if you need assistance after hours. It’s also a good idea to find out what their night and evening rates for treatment are, if they offer them.

Choosing the right counseling in Howell MI now will ensure that you have a solid working relationship that will last for as long as you need it to. Your treatment will be consistent and you won’t have to deal with the hassle that comes with using more than one counseling professional.

Independence Counseling & Psychological Services include the treatment of a variety of mental health and emotional issues through the use of individually focused treatment plans.

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