Top Reasons to Choose Interior Wood Doors

One of the first things that you will notice when you are house hunting is that there is a definite style and attention to detail in many of the older homes. New home builders are moving back to this level of care in all aspects of home construction and design, including installing wood doors.

Since the seventies, the trend seemed to lean towards low cost, hollow core, lightweight doors for bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas inside the home. This gave every house the same look, those flat or molded panel doors, typically in white, which were the same home after home.

Older homes, custom homes, and luxury homes have always featured wood doors. This wasn’t only for aesthetic reasons, there are some very practical reasons as well.

Quality Counts

Solid wood doors are durable and will last a lifetime. Either stained or painted, they are easy to maintain and are substantial enough to handle kids, pets, moving in and out, and being slammed more than a time or two.

With top quality wood doors, there is no need to replace doors when you redecorate. They can be easily stained different colors and, with new stains and sealants with low or zero VOCs, they are healthy alternatives to vinyl and painted doors.

Sound Proofing and Insulation

Interior wood doors are also able to absorb sound, helping to reduce noise transference when the door is closed. This is an important factor in a busy household, and it is also an important consideration for a home office or even for a home theater room.

Wood is also a natural insulator, helping to stop heat or cold loss between rooms. This can be important for homes with zone heating and cooling, as wood doors between the zones will allow more efficient and independent temperature control by simply opening or closing specific doors.

Options in Design

Unlike those flat, boring and impersonal doors, traditional or modern styles of wooden doors allow you to add windows, glass features, different configurations of panels and even different door styles overall.

This means you can have different wood doors throughout the house and stain them all to look perfectly matched, yet also unique. You can also choose to go with one style throughout, giving a classic touch to your interior design.

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